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The META server   :   Volker Eyrich and Burkhard Rost

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FeatureChooseType of predictionName of serverOptions (more information under 'About')Server
Go directly
to server
signal peptideSignalP gram Pos gram Neg eukaryotesAboutGo there
O-glycosylation sitesNetOglycAboutGo there
phosphorylation sites at S, T or Y residuesNetPhosAboutGo there
cleavage sites of picornaviral proteasesNetPicoAboutGo there
transit peptidesChloroPAboutGo there
homology modellingSWISS-MODELAboutGo there
homology modellingCPHmodelsAboutGo there
homology modellingSDSC1AboutGo there
threadingFRSVR include PROFILESEARCH include H3P2AboutGo there
threadingLooppAboutGo there
threadingSausageAboutGo there
threadingSuperfamilyAboutGo there
membrane regionsDASAboutGo there
membrane regionsTMHMMAboutGo there
membrane regionsTopPredAboutGo there
secondary structureJPRED run NNSSP take PDB if existsAboutGo there
secondary structurePHDAboutGo there
secondary structurePredatorAboutGo there
secondary structurePROFAboutGo there
secondary structurePSIpredAboutGo there
secondary structurePSSPAboutGo there
secondary structureSAM-T99AboutGo there
secondary structureSSproAboutGo there

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