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You can ...
Submit a sequence for prediction submit a protein sequence for prediction (default, advanced, expert)
PP help document get help (start, TOC) for PredictProtein
Mail to PP email questions, suggestions, bug reports, or comments
PP commercial license get information about a commercial license
PP user statistics get statistics about the PredictProtein usage
SRS find your protein sequence in a database (SRS5 at EBI, England)
SRS world wide list of servers for SRS world wide
... and now you can also
Submit to META submit a protein sequence for simultaneous prediction by many servers (list of servers available).
... in a nutshell
What is new? What is new (latest Apr 98)?
What can be done? What can be done?
How long do you have to wait? How long do you have to wait (i.e. status of PP queue)?
Hints for users Hints for users
Links to WWW services for sequence analysis Links to WWW services for sequence analysis
Who are we? Who contributed?
Please cite Please cite

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