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PP Help 02: Quote and copyright


Quote and copyright

  1. Who are we?
  2. Please cite PP
  3. Please cite META-PP
  4. Copyright
  5. Protection of data
  6. Feedback


Who are we?

Pleeeaze cite for PredictProtein (!!)

Comment: if you find the following list too long, please note that PredictProtein combines a large number of independent tools. Where other servers adopt the philosophy 'one mail/WWW interface per tool' ( for a few examples), PP attempts to provide one single interface to many tools. Many of the tools are at the forefront of bio-informatics (academics may 'pay' these services by quoting).
Links to more literature related to PP.

Please cite for META-PP

Comment: all links to the META services (and the respective publications are in:


All rights reserved, including copyrights. Commercial users should apply for a license.

by fax via:     Predict-Help at +1-212-305 7932
by email via:
or via WWW:


Address questions, suggestions, bug reports, or comments

by fax via:     Predict-Help at +1-212-305-7932
by email via:
or via WWW:

Protection of sequence data

Your sequence data is deposited in files to which only the PP administrator (BR) has read access. No one else inside or outside of CUBIC (Columbia University BioInformatics Centre) can read your data, except our system administrators who are held to the highest standards of confidentiality. Occasionally, the PP administrator may look at the data in order to assess the performance of the server.

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