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PP Help 11: Additional information


Additional information

  1. Interested in the PP software?
  2. Links to selected WWW services
  3. Restrictions (watch it!)
  4. Further PP related publications
    1. Structure and structure prediction, in general
    2. WWW services for biologists
    3. Predictions of 1D structure
    4. Prediction-based threading
    5. Alignment
    6. Evaluation and testing


Interested in the PP software?

Links to selected WWW services

To dig out 'putatively relevant sites' on the web is not a problem anymore. The crucial part of searching on the web becomes to filter the pearls. We (RS and BR) selected a list of WWW sites useful for molecular biology when compiling a guide to sequence analysis (paper). We would be grateful if you notice dead links to us!
  1. General sites 1:
    search engines, literature, pathways, genomes
  2. General sites 2:
    literature, pathways, genomes
  3. Databases
    general, miscellaneous, DNA/RNA, protein sequences, protein structures
  4. Services
    hotlists, general, data base searches, analysing DNA/RNA, protein structure prediction
  5. Software
    general, documentation, alignments, homology modelling, threading

Restrictions (watch it!)

Further PP related publications

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