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Introductions, Search engines, Central sites - Literature, Pathways, Genomes - Databases - Services - Software
Contents: General_1: Introductions, Search engines, Central sites

  1. Introductions to the World Wide Web
  2. WWW search engines
    1.  General
    2.  Lists of search engines
    3.  Other search engines and indices
    4.  People on the net
    5.  Topic specific WWW searches
  3. General sites for Molecular Biology
    1.  Central sites
    2.  Groups America
    3.  Groups Europe
    4.  Groups Other
    5.  Gold mines

General_1: Introductions, Search engines, Central sites

Introductions to the World Wide Web
  • overview internet:     Una Smith, Yale, USA: 'A biologist's guide to internet resources'. Comprehensive overview and introduction to the world wide web tailored to the interests of biologists.
  • overview WWW:     Overview over World Wide Web basics. Provides very general detailed information for those who have used the web before and need specific information and those who just want to quickly go through some of the Web terminology.
  • browsers:     Links to various WWW browsers (programs to access the Web) and 'plug-ins' (modules adding functionality to your browser, e.g., display of protein 3D structures)
  • dictionary computing:     Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing is a searchable dictionary of acronyms, jargon, programming languages, tools etc. to do with computing.

WWW search engines
TOP - General - Lists of search engines - Other search engines and indices - People on the net - Topic specific WWW searches

  • GO2NET:   general search engine
  • MetaCrawler:   general search engine
  • Alta Vista:   general search engine
  • Lycos:   general search engine
  • Inktomi:   general search engine
  • Excite:   general search engine
  • HotBot:   general search engine
  • Infoseek:   general search engine
  • NetSearch:   general search engine
  • People:   Subject oriented searching (e.g. Information servers, Software, People).
  • Bwurld:   Searching for keywords at sites related to particular subjects (e.g. Databases, BioUtilities, Journals, Software).
  • Yahoo science:   Page for Science-biology, permitting subject driven searching (e.g. Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology).
Lists of search engines

Other search engines and indices

People on the net

  • WhoWhere?:   E-mail Addresses
  • IAF:   Internet Address Finder
Topic specific WWW searches

  • BioHunt:   Molecular Biology search engine
  • Biochemical Pathways:   Search through Boehringer Mannheim's index of "Biochemical Pathways". Contains links to the "ENZYME" database

General sites for Molecular Biology
TOP - Central sites - Groups America - Groups Europe - Groups Other - Gold mines
Central sites

  • EMBL:   European Molecular Biology Laboratory (Heidelberg, Germany)
  • EBI:   European
  • NCBI:   National Center for Biotechnology Information (Bethesda, USA), with links to NLM and NIH
  • ExPASy:   ExPASy server of the Geneva University Hospital and the University of Geneva.
  • Am Peptide Soc:   American Peptide Society, promoting advancement in the knowledge of the chemistry and biology of peptides and proteins.
  • CASP:   Protein Structure Prediction Center: central site with access to the results from the protein structure prediction contests (CASP).
Groups America

  • NIGMS:   Structural Genomics Initiatives
  • Structural Genomics Consortium:   Structural Genomics research centers supported by NIGMS
  • Johns Hopkins:   The Johns Hopkins University BioInformatics Web Server
  • UCLA:   Bio informatics center at University of California Los Angeles
  • USGS:   The U.S. Geological Survey maintains this registry of Earth and Environmental Science Internet resources as a service to the research community.
  • Harvard Bio:   Harvard, Boston, U.S.A., Biosciences.
  • Harvard CBR:   Excellent collection of WWW services at the Center For Blood Research
  • Harvard Med:   Medical Harvard Medical Web
  • Nebraska Univ:   WWW links and other resources
  • BSGC:   Berkeley Structural Genomics Center
  • JCSG:   Joint Center for Structural Genomics
  • MCSG:   Midwest Center for Structural Genomics.
  • NYSGRC:   New York Structural Genomics Research Consortium.
  • NESG:   North East Structural Genomics Consortium.
  • SECSG:   South East Collaboratory for Structural Genomics.
  • Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Website:   Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Structural Genomics Consortium.
Groups Europe

  • Cambridge Univ:   Univ. of Cambridge, U.K., School of Biological Sciences.
  • Copenhagen CBS:   Center for Biological Sequence Analysis, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Dublin Trinity:   Bioinformatics links at the Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, Bioinformatics.
  • Duesseldorf Bioinf:   Yahoo-like Web directory for bioinformatics from the University of Duesseldorf, Germany.
  • Duesseldorf BioinfTools:   List of WWW services in bioinformatics from the University of Duesseldorf, Germany.
  • Helsinki CSC:   The Finnish EMBnet node.
  • Madrid CNB:   Protein Design Group at the CNB, Madrid, Spain.
  • Salzburg CAME:   Services provided by Centre of Applied Molecular Engineering (Sippl) at Salzburg University (threading, structure evaluation
  • Zuerich ETH:   The Computational Biochemistry Server at ETHZ (Univ. Zuerich, Switzerland)
  • Structural Biology Industrial Platform:   European industry effort to promote structural biology research, training and education.
Groups Other

  • Australia ANGIS:   Australian The Australian National Genomic Information Service.
  • Japan GenomeNet:   GenomeNet WWW Server, Japan.
  • Israel Weizmann:   The Bioinformatics Unit and Genome Resource Core (BIGROC) at the Weizmann Institute of Science.
  • Japan SOKEN:   Japan Links from SOKEN Taxa server in Japan
Gold mines

  • USA ATCC:   American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) is a global bioscience organization that provides biological products, technical services, and educational programs to private users.
  • Pedro: USA:   An extremely comprehensive collection of WWW links to information and services useful to molecular biologists.
  • Pedro: Germany:   "
  • Pedro: Switzerland:   "
  • Amos Bairoch:   WWW links of Amos Bairoch (father of SWISS-PROT, Basel, Switzerland), sorted by subjects.

Introductions, Search engines, Central sites - Literature, Pathways, Genomes - Databases - Services - Software
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