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Contents: General_2: Literature, Pathways, Genomes

  1. Literature (Medline) and Journals
  2. Miscellaneous sites for molecular biologists
  3. Metabolic and other pathways
  4. Informations about genome projects
    1.  Arabidopsis: AtDB
    2.  C. elegans
    3.  Drosophila
    4.  Fish
    5.  Human
    6.  Mouse
    7.  Yeast
  5. Structural Genomics

General_2: Literature, Pathways, Genomes

Literature (Medline) and Journals
  • NCBI MEDLINE:     MEDLINE searches.
  • NCBI ENTREZ:     The NCBI WWW Entrez Browser, allows you to retrieve citations and records in the area of molecular biology from the NCBI databases. These include MEDLINE articles, and databases.
  • Pedro USA:     Pedro's comprehensive list of journals available on the web.
  • Pedro Germany:     Pedro
  • Pedro Switzerland:     Pedro Switzerland
  • Pedro Japan:     Pedro Japan
  • Biotech BiblioNet:     The Biotech BiblioNet is a bibliography of recently published biotech articles.
  • Harward:     Journals, Conferences, and Current Awareness Services (Keith Robison, Harvard Biolabs, USA).
  • BioInform:     BioInform Global Bioinformatics News Service.
  • HMS Beagle Pick:     Beagle WebPick: hot current WWW sites selected and highlighted (renewed every 4 weeks).
  • HMS Beagle:     MS Beagle sites

Miscellaneous sites for molecular biologists
  • Dictionary of cell biology:     The Dictionary of Cell Biology was first published in 1989, and has since been translated into several languages. It is intended to provide quick access to easily-understood and cross-referenced definitions of terms frequently encountered in reading the modern biology literature. This server contains the text of the Second edition, published in April 1995, together with enhancements, hypertext links and new entries which are destined for the third edition.
  • Molecular Biology Protocols:     Molecular Biology Protocols (Microbial Pathogenesis/Utilization Research Division, Northwest Fisheries Science Center (NMFS/NOAA), USA). Lists various protocols and collects information on techniques (e.g., DNA purification techniques, DNA transformation/library preparation, southern/northern blotting, DNA sequencing, PCR and related methods, Protein electrophoresis).
  • The antibody resource page:     Meta collection of links to various antibody resources!
  • Biobase:     The Danish Centre for Human Genome Research's 2-D PAGE Databases at the University of Aarhus contain data on proteins identified on various reference maps. Available are:
  • 1:     Human 2-D PAGE databases for proteome analysis in health and disease
  • 2:     Human 2-D PAGE selected databases
  • 3:     Mouse 2-D PAGE selected databases
  • 4:     2-D gel image gallery
  • 5:     Request for antibodies
  • Taxa:     Web 'lift' through any taxon, including an introduction to phylogeny and the origins of life (Berkely, USA).
  • SWISS-PROT species:     List of species in SWISS-PROT
  • Phylogeny:     Evolution and Phylogeny Laboratory, Norway.
  • Courses:     Collection of bioinformatics courses (Univ College, London, England)
  • BioMOO:     BioMOO is a virtual meeting place for biologists, connected to the Globewide Network Academy. The main physical part of the BioMOO is located at the BioInformatics Unit of the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel.
  • OPAL:     Open programs for associative learning (Elsevier, NL), an interactive system useful for teaching and learning across various disciplines of cell biology and biomedical sciences.
  • 123Genomics:     Genomics and Bioinformatics resourses.

Metabolic and other pathways
  • Sequencing projects:     List of genome sequencing projects
  • MAGPIE:     Automated Genome Project Investigation Environment. Analysis of the following genomes stored:
  • MAGPIE:     Methanococcus jannaschii
  • MAGPIE:     Mycoplasma genitalium
  • MAGPIE:     Rhodobacter capsulatus
  • MAGPIE:     Sulfolobus solfataricus
  • RITE:     Cell Cycle Controlling Pathways for Information Transfer and Expression (Kyoto Univ, Japan)
  • EMP:     Enzyme and Metabolic Pathway Database (Biological Databases Inc.
  • KEGG:     Kyoto encyclopedia of genes and genomes and the pathway database (Kyoto Univ, Japan
  • SPAD:     An integrated database for genetic information and signal transduction systems (Kyushu Univ, Jap)
  • PUMA:     Phylogeny metabolism alignments and pathways (Argonne, US.
  • EcoCyc:     E. coli pathways (SRI, Menlo Park, USA). EcoCyc is a database of bacterial genes and biochemical pathways, and an associated graphical user interfac
  • HinCyc:     HinCyc is a pilot project to reconstruct the metabolism of Haemophilus influenz.

Informations about genome projects
TOP - Arabidopsis: AtDB - C. elegans - Drosophila - Fish - Human - Mouse - Yeast
Arabidopsis: AtDB

  • Arab:   Arabidopsis: AtDB
C. elegans

  • C.elagans:   University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, U.S.


  • FishNet:   Mirror of Zebrafish Links at the Sanger Inst.


  • Mouse: NCBI:   Mouse Genome project information, NCBI.

Structural Genomics
  • Structure2Function:     Project for deducing gene function through structural studies
  • Rutgers Univ:     NJCST Initiative in structural genomics and Bioinformatics
  • NIST:     Links to ongoing Pilot Structural Genomics Projects and Related Resources

Introductions, Search engines, Central sites - Literature, Pathways, Genomes - Databases - Services - Software
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