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PP Help 12: ERROR


If you do NOT receive a reply

If you do NOT receive a reply

If you have not received ANY reply to your request within 24 hours, this indicates a problem with your mailing device. In this case, please contact us

by email via:

If you have still NOT received the prediction after 60 hours (or a message of the type 'wrong_format') this indicates that something went wrong on our side. Unfortunately, due to a shortage of both human and computer resources, we cannot resubmit jobs that go wrong. If this is the case, please resubmit your sequence. The bug or feature may have been fixed in the meantime. Should you again wait for a prediction, please contact us

by fax via:     Predict-Help at +1-212-305-7932
by email via:
or via WWW:

Burkhard Rost
Biochemistry, Columbia University, New York, 1999.

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